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Added 08/08/2008
Artwork Type Interior Page
Media Type Pen and Ink
Artist Jack Jackson (All)
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Skull Comix #4 - The Hound p. 2

Skull Comix #4 - The Hound p. 2

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Jack Jackson ("Jaxon") Skull Comix #4 "The Hound" Page 2 Original Art (Last Gasp, 1974). A moonlit night, a mist-shrouded graveyard, and the sound of bats flying overhead sets the scene for this moody, atmospheric page from Jaxon's adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's classic tale of grave robbers and a haunted jade amulet. The large, half-page panel showing the ghoulish main characters and the old church in the hazy background is stunning, and is one of Jackson's best from this period. Ink, white paint, and Zipatone on bristol, with an image area of approximately 10" x 15". Very Good condition. From the Jack Jackson ("Jaxon") Collection.


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