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Added 08/08/2008
Artwork Type Interior Page
Media Type Pen and Ink
Artist Jack Jackson (All)
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Insect Fear #3 - Gobs of Worms

Insect Fear #3 - Gobs of Worms

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Jack Jackson ("Jaxon") Insect Fear #3 Complete 1-page Story "Gobs of Worms" Original Art (The Print Mint, 1972). Roscoe's kitchen is crawling with swarms of very unusual creatures, in this nicely-detailed one-pager. Jackson let a bit of his friend Richard Corben's artistic influence rub off on this atmospheric tale. Ink and Zipatone on bristol, with an image area of approximately 10" x 14.5". The bristol board has been mounted onto a larger piece of black board. Overall condition is Very Good. From the Jack Jackson ("Jaxon") Collection.


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