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Marketing Not For Sale
Added 10/31/2009
Artwork Type Commission
Media Type Mixed Media
Artwork Dimensions 8.5" w x 11.0" h
Publication Status Unpublished
Artist Lynda Barry (All)
Views 3,169
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Dance To It Marlys

Dance To It Marlys

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This is an original drawing by one of the most awesomest people in comics. The artwork is on an 8" x 10" piece of drawing paper. It’s done with hand ground Chinese ink.

This piece is part of the 46 Million Art Benefit (organized by Anders Nilsen). The proceeds from this auction will go to support efforts to push Congress to pass Universal Health Care with a Public Option. We're supporting grass roots efforts to push members of the Senate to support the Public Option through organizing referenda in swing districts as well as running ads and getting supporters to town meetings. Is it too late for a public option? Not if members of Congress hear from people on the left who care about this stuff. Buy some art!

Lynda Barry: The motivation behind the health care hoo-ha is difficult to understand. I can’t get my mind around it at all, can’t understand what’s driving it. I’ve spent the last six years living in a very conservative area, and many of my good friends are hard core Republicans, but not a single one of them is having the reaction I’ve seen in the press. That screaming shouting hatred. Maybe they hide it from me because I’m such a lefty liberal, but we’ve always been able to speak frankly about everything else. So I don’t get it. I don’t know who the furious and screaming people are at all.

More info about the benefit: or email Anders, the 'seller'.

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