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Added 11/27/2008
Artwork Type Cover
Media Type Mixed Media
Artwork Dimensions 8.5" w x 5.5" h
Artist Robert Crumb (All)
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Almanac Cover

Almanac Cover

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Self circulated with one copy by the artist, circa 1958-1959, pen and ink with brush and watercolor and colored pencils on paper, signed by the artist on the upper margin.

Crumb drew a number of individual issues entitled Crumb Brothers Almanac during the late 1950's, he hand-drew these early journals and with the help of his brother Charles finished the interior with comic stories, cartoons and other drawn features.

At this point in Crumb's career as an artist Walt Kelly was a huge influence (among many others) - and this was "just before" he came under the full influence and inspiration that he would draw from Harvey Kurtzman, MAD, the short lived TRUMP and HUMBUG.

From the beginning Robert drew himself and his friends into humorous situations - and this early self-portrait is not unusual, however it represents Crumb's dream to leave home - become an artist (and possibly meet his hero Harvey Kurtzman in New York City - which he would eventually do as he made his dream-come-true when some of his first published work in a pro-zine appeared in Kurtzman's HELP magazine).

It is a powerful early work - a prophetic one if you will - and a very RARE early example of his soon to mature inking style which would emphasize heavily inked lines.

CONDITION is VERY GOOD to FINE, slight smudging done to lower words New York, image size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2", matted, with gold filigree inner lining, in a simple gold-gilt frame.

Collectors Note: this work was published in Fantagraphics THE COMPLETE CRUMB COMICS Volume 1, edited by Gary Groth, October of 1987, printed in full color on page two of the center-color section.


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